Imagine a car without a windshield…oh wait, that’s called a motorcycle…But for most of us we enjoy the benefits that a windshield has to offer. Bugs are kept out of our faces, the wind doesn’t blast us away on the interstate, and the weather elements stay outside. Windshields undergo quite a bit of damaging situations throughout the year. Every once in a while the integrity of the windshield can be compromised and require a quick fix. So here are the key things to know about when it comes to windshield repair.

How’d I get that chip on my windshield?

Believe it or not, damage to your windshield doesn’t always come from a rock or hail. Temperature changes, age, and other severe weather or conditions can cause a chip or crack. While inconvenient, windshield repair is something that is a part of car ownership for many of us.

How do I know if I need a new windshield?

In many cases, windshield repair does not require a whole new front glass pane. A quick drill fix on a chip can usually be done to correct the problem. Making sure to catch the damages early is crucial, though. If left alone, those small damages can spread to ruin the windshield completely; resulting in a more expensive replacement.

Windshields withstand most of what get’s thrown their way. The occasional damage can come up at any moment. Making sure to get a windshield repair done right away can make a big difference. They’re inconvenient, but typically cheap and quick fixes.

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