BMW 6 Series Oil Leak

The oil cooler gasket is a rubber device that plays the important role of keeping oil in the oil cooler, thereby ensuring that there is no leakage. Oil coolers in the engine play the role of taking heat off the engine of the car that easily becomes hot when running. These coolers have gasket seals that contain the engine oil that is circulated within it to absorb the heat from the engine, creating a cooling effect.

Considering the important role that this vehicle component plays towards ensuring the optimum functioning of the engine, it is hard to miss it on any vehicle models, old or recent. The difference however comes in in terms of the quality of the component used. The BMW Series is without a doubt one of the most reliable vehicles in the market today in terms of performance and engineering. The quality of these vehicles may be top of the range but that does not exempt them from structural problems. Unfortunately, many BMW drivers have reported experiencing issues with the oil cooler gasket.

Causes of Oil Cooler Gasket Failure

The oil cooler gasket, like many other vehicle components, is susceptible to failure.You want to loan ? Visit This failure is more often than not caused by simple wear and tear. Because the oil cooler gasket is made of rubber, it is affected by extreme temperature changes, which can cause expansion and contraction.

Moreover, over time, the rubber bits may start cracking and falling off due to stiffness that is as a result of the rubber drying out. This wear will cause the gasket to fail to contain the oil within the oil cooler, which can cause damage in the engine.

Signs of Oil Cooler Gasket Failure

Some of the signs that as a BMW 6 Series owner you should be vigilant about include:

Leaking oil

The oil cooler gasket serves the role of preventing oil from spilling out of the cooler so when it fails, this oil will start leaking out of the engine. A leak in the engine can be very dangerous; considering how hot it gets in the engine bay, oil can easily be ignited. Finding a puddle or drops of dark brown fluid under your car after parking for a while could be a sign that you have a leak, which upon checking out could be from the oil cooler gasket.

Overheating engine

The oil cooler gasket keeps the oil in the cooler contained so that it can help cool the engine while it runs. When the gasket fails, the temperatures in the engine will become unregulated and therefore get really high. This can easily cause permanent damage to the engine and shorten the engine life significantly.

Contaminated oil

The oil cooling system uses a mixture of coolant and water to perform its functions. When it fails, either of these two substances may find their way into the engine oil. Contaminated oil can have devastating effects on the engine and even cause the car to stall.


It is inevitable for wear and tear to affect different components in any car, even with regular servicing schedules. However, this is not to say that servicing is not beneficial. If anything, proper servicing will delay this from happening. In fact, car components such as the BMW F06 6-Series oil cooler gasket that many drivers don’t know too much about until it fails are part of the reason why regular servicing is important. This is because in the process of servicing the car, the mechanic is often able to notice red flags that may be starting to show up as car parts move toward failure.

As part of the servicing, having a regular oil change schedule will help you keep track of all these engine parts that you’d otherwise forget. In the event that you notice any of the signs listed above, you should seek out your nearest professional mechanic as soon as you can in order to prevent the engine from further damage.

Because the engine is the heart of the car and is very delicate, you should get help from a mechanic that has certified experience with BMWs. At Geneva Foreign & Sports, we are available to sort out all your BMW needs if you are in and around Geneva, Rochester, Syracuse, or Ithaca, NY. Call or stop by today to make an appointment!

* BMW F06 6-Series image credit goes to: DarthArt.

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