BMWs are great luxury vehicles and like most luxurious vehicles, they need the ultimate care. Valve cleaning is vital to the lifespan for your vehicle, and we at Geneva Foreign & Sports take it seriously on multiple levels. There are many reasons why your luxury BMW, Audi, or other similar make, needs this service, and the process is very important. See us today for a walnut blasting valve cleaning in the areas of Syracuse, Rochester, Corning, Ithaca, and beyond.

Cleaning N54 & N55 Engines of Carbon Buildup

One common issue all direct injection BMW engines have, along with other vehicles, is that they can get excessive carbon build up on the intake valves. If nothing is done, in some cases the buildup can turn the “check engine” light on or even cause the vehicle to fail a simple emissions test. Some of the key issues that are caused by this buildup alter performance of many ways. These include a lack of full engine power, poor throttle response, engine misfires, and more. These issues hurt your performance which creates a loss of fuel economy and cold start idle issues. If you wait on BMW N54/N55 engine valve cleaning service, a simple carbon build up can grow into a much more costly repair issue.

Why Do I Need Walnut Blasting Valve Cleaning?

You also may be wondering what intake valve carbon buildup is and why it happens. Carbon buildup it a natural, unavoidable buildup that happens over time, and is essentially described as layers of oil and fuel that have been deposited on the intake valves due to the operation of the PCV system. Intake valve carbon buildup is a very common issue with luxury vehicles such as BMWs, but finding it to be an issue needing to be addressed by a technician may take years of driving, or thousands of miles, to happen before walnut blasting valve cleaning in Rochester is needed.

Intake valve carbon buildup can exist in every direct injection engine, including your BMW N54 or N55 engine. The most common reasoning for the buildup is due to the contaminants that are in the air as they pass across the intake valves. These contaminants along with oil, fuel, and exhaust are recycled through the engine as part of the advanced emissions system.

Offering Walnut Blasting Valve Cleaning in Geneva

When it comes getting N54/N55 engine intake valve cleaning done, it is vital to have it done right. A luxury vehicle service professional like those of us here at Geneva Foreign & Sports is trained in the particulars of your BMW engine, and we’ll know how to do it right. There is no easy cleaning solution for a clogged intake valve: this oil and sticky mixture is very hard to remove without the proper tools, and if left long enough, can become baked on near-solid. This is where walnut blasting valve cleaning in Syracuse comes in: this carefully adapted method uses factory approved tooling and manufacturer-approved crushed walnut shell media to safely remove that heavy buildup in your engine. Not only is this method approved by the vehicle’s manufacturer and performed by the experts who know your vehicle best, but it is also a more cost-effective method of carbon buildup removal than pulling apart the cylinder head of your engine for cleaning.

The process of walnut blasting valve cleaning for a BMW N54/N55 engine allows the excess carbon buildup to be removed safely and may even help avoid having to replace the cylinder head altogether. Afterward, the valve and intake chamber return to like-new condition, giving you better all-around performance with your direct injection engine. There are no long term solutions to help fully prevent the problem, as carbon buildup is an unavoidable side effect of driving, thus making periodic cleanings vital to the performance output and overall life of your luxury car.

When it comes to cleaning out the valves, we use the proper tools for the best results, all factory approved. Walnut blasting valve cleaning in Ithaca is a common and affordable option. Stop in to our repair shop today, so our expert technicians can assess the level of buildup and the best method for cleaning. We can get you in and out and back out on the road in no time.

If you feel like your BMW’s performance has suffered recently, it could because of excessive intake value carbon buildup in your N54/N55 engine. If you need walnut blasting cleaning services near Corning, Ithaca, Rochester, or Syracuse, we at Geneva Foreign & Sports are proud to offer this service to help you get the best from your vehicle. You can easily contact us today to schedule an appointment via our website or at 855-694-6184. We are located conveniently in Geneva, NY and happily serve our neighboring communities of Rochester, Syracuse, Corning, Ithaca, and more.