Volvo repair in Geneva is simple and hassle-free when you choose to go with Geneva Foreign and Sports. This Swedish automaker is known for their safety and reliability, and the performance is noteworthy as well. We employ an experienced and well trained staff that has an expertise in all-things-foreign auto, and we are more than qualified to work on any Volvo model year or trim level. 

Volvo Brake Repair in Geneva

To help ensure that your safe Volvo stays in proper working order, we offer expert brake repair at our friendly service center. Your bake system is vital, and if you’ve noticed a spongy feel, have a squealing sound or see a diminished performance in braking distance, we invite you to contact us. Even if you don’t notice those symptoms, it’s advised that you come in for a brake checkup if it’s been a while. 

When you choose us for this type of Volvo repair in Geneva, you will find that our process is detailed and thorough. We take a look at the pads first, but we also examine the fluid, which over time can acquire contaminants. The master and slave cylinders are checked out as well, and we make sure that your rotors are smooth and operating well. We only replace what is needed, and we always talk to you first. 

Additional Volvo Repair and Service Center Benefits

Your timing belt is another key component of your drivetrain, and we have you in good hands here at Geneva Foreign and Sports. Whether you have an interference or a non-interference engine, a faulty—or snapped—timing belt can wreak havoc on your Volvo. The recommended mileage depends on your specific model, but most recommend every 30,000 miles or so. If it hasn’t been that long but you hear abnormal noises in the timing belt area—a squeal, for instance—we welcome you to check with us about this Volvo repair in Geneva. 

We make sure that the belt is in good shape, and we replace as necessary. We also ensure that the tensioners and pulleys are adjusted to the manufacturer’s recommendations as well, because a new timing belt won’t mean much if the adjustments aren’t correct. 

If you would like to learn more about why our service center is well-loved in the greater metro region, feel free to either call 855-694-61840 or stop by our friendly Geneva, NY establishment from Monday through Saturday. We are open until 6 p.m. most days, and we are excited for the opportunity to help you with all of your Volvo repair needs.