Most of us probably don’t think of our cars as athletes. In fact, there don’t really seem to be too many things that the two share. But when we really take a look at everything our vehicles do, the similarities start to add up. Performance is important with any vehicle. Racing, maneuvering various terrains, and encountering obstacles at any turn are just a few of the key things that athletes and cars share in common. This performance is often hindered by alignment issues (and we’re talking about humans and cars alike). So let’ take a look at alignment and car care that can help your vehicle perform at it’s best at all times.

Why Alignment Matters

Alignment plays a large role in the functionality of your car. It’s stabilizing and shaping how the ride is at all times. When an athlete practices, much like a vehicle driving routinely, they are more likely to run themselves out of alignment. Proper care must be taken to ensure that the alignment doesn’t go out further and do long term damage. The more misaligned an athlete or car is, the more prone to “injury” they may be. By keeping themselves in check, the athlete and the vehicle can expect a healthier system and better outcome.

How to Tell if Your Vehicle is Out of Alignment

When your steering isn’t straight or your car pulls, you may be in need of realignment. Uneven tire wear and shimmying can also be signs it’s time for a tune-up. Whether you need your car to perform well on a big trip, or just every day commutes to work and back, realigning your vehicle can make a world of difference in the overall performance.

While our cars aren’t always breaking records or raising a stadium to it’s feet, we know that they deserve more credit for being the athletic machines that they are. And with so much athleticism being asked of them on a daily basis, we think they should be treated as such.

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