For generations of drivers Porsche has been synonymous with power and sophistication.  Few other automakers compare to the innovative engineering and masterful design of Porsche, and as with all fine things in life, Porsche vehicles only get better with time.  Now you can drive your very own classic, thanks to Geneva Foreign & Sports, the most trusted Used Porsche Dealer in Rochester.

Quality that Lasts at Your Local Used Porsche Dealer

So why are so many drivers calling us the number one Used Porsche Dealer in Rochester?  The answer is simple: we prioritize customer satisfaction, we care for our vehicles, and we value the long and venerable history of Porsche.  All of our models represent the finest years in Porsche design, and looking under the hood you will find quality engineering that lasts.

Some models offer a 3.6L Flat 6-Cylinder engine.  In other models you will find a 3.4L DOHC six-cylinder Engine, and as driving aficionados know, the dual overhead camshaft design (DOHC) offers more power and variable performance than other engines.  And of course most models offer a manual transmission, so you can have more control and a more intimate connection with the vehicle.

Dynamic Design of Used Porsche in Rochester 

Performance and handling are not the only reasons people love Porsche.  Exterior design is an integral part of automotive history, and Porsche has helped shape that history with its iconic vehicles.  In other words you know a Porsche when you see one.  From every angle the design is distinct, bold, and aggressive.  Our selection of models offers a variety of colors and years, so you can choose the Porsche that best fits your style, from classic to modern.  Why wait any longer?  Visit Geneva today and experience a quality Used Porsche Dealer in Rochester.

Now you have a brief overview of our selection, but words pale in comparison to the actual experience. Give yourself a present this holiday season and visit Geneva Foreign & Sports.  Remember these deals will not last long.  Visit our website to browse the inventory or give us a call and chat with one of our sales associates at 315-781-2400.  You can also visit us at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 144456.  Our dedicated team of sales associates is ready to answer your questions and offer knowledgeable advice about these remarkable vehicles.  We also offer an outstanding team of technicians for all your maintenance needs.  It’s time to enjoy life!  Contact us today and start your next automotive adventure with Porsche!