Buying a used vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean buying a clunker. In fact, in many used-fordcases, used vehicles can produce a solid and dependable performance that are equal to the new vehicle options. Many folks have questions when it comes to buying used. Is the price right? What kind of loan am I being offered? Will this car last me for as long as I need it to? How do I know this is the right car for me? The list goes on and on. At Geneva Foreign & Sports, we encourage buyers to stay curious and educated. As a used Ford dealer in Rochester, we’re offering a little advice on used car buying to help buyers like you find the right vehicle for their lifestyles. So, without further ado, allow us to put your minds at ease with some tips of used car shopping.

Why Buy Used?

The biggest advantage to buying a used vehicle is the price and cost of ownership. You can buy a used or pre-owned car for much less than a brand new one. And to make it better, depreciation does not hit you as hard when you purchase the slightly aged vehicle. The second a new car drives off the lot, it is no longer worth what it once was, and that depreciation drops the most within the first couple years of ownership.

An added bonus of buying a used car is the insurance rates. Often times, used vehicles are cheaper to insure. And as for the warranties, we offer extended ones for your peace-of-mind as well. Overall, buying a used car means you’ll save some money up front, and typically take on less financial liability with depreciation, insurance, and loans.

Further Tips to Maximize the Buying Process:

Check the Vehicle History

This step is a huge “must” for those looking to buy a used car. With a previous record of ownership, it’s crucial to understand what you are dealing with. Asking to see the CarFax report (which is often free at many dealerships) can map out the vehicle’s “health record” and identify any red flags for the future. When you make it to the dealership, be sure to ask about the vehicle history report.

Test Drive

We cannot stress enough how important a test drive is while used car shopping. It seems obvious, but there are a lot of things to look for on that first spin around the block. Check for noises, warning lights, brake responses, reverse performance, and acceleration. Making sure the car is comfortable and fits your needs inside and out is essential.

Loan Discussions

This part is the place where it all can fall apart, or come together nicely. It’s smart to shop around for loans prior to getting to the lot. Understand what you can afford and stick to your budget. Ask the dealer what the best price is or best loan rate is and see how well it fits within your financial situation.

If you’re looking for a used Ford dealer in Rochester, stop by our location off of Lyons Road. Our handpicked inventory is constantly changing, with new selections available regularly.

Used Ford Inventory at Geneva Foreign & Sports near Rochester, NY

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