There are plenty of reasons why you may not have the best credit and are looking for Used Car Loans with Poor Credit in Rochester.  Sometimes there is something like a foreclosure marking your credit score, or even repossessions and bankruptcies.  If you are letting the fact that you have one of these marks on your credit stop you from buying a new or used car, you can stop worrying!  At Geneva Foreign and Sport, you can get into a great new quality used car this week.  Once you are approved by us for a great loan, our large inventory of all types of used cars will be fun to shop through!

Best Customer Service with Used Car Loans with Poor Credit

Each staff team member at Geneva Foreign and Sports is an expert at customer satisfaction.  Whether you are looking for a finance special, a sales specialist or a service expert, we have it all!  We are able to not only get you the best options for Used Car Loans with Poor Credit in Rochester, but we will also get you into a high-quality vehicle that will last.  Our service department can then help with scheduled maintenance to make sure that your vehicle is always in top working condition.  You will end up wondering if there is anything we can’t do!

Online Pre-Approval for Poor Credit Used Car Loans in Rochester

You have absolutely nothing to use by submitting a quick and easy online pre-approval application.  We have done all we can to make it as easy as possible to get approved for your Used Car Loans with Poor Credit in Rochester. Please let us prove to you that you deserve to get behind the wheel of a quality car priced as low as we can possibly get it.

Because all of our vehicles are priced so maximize value, you will be pleasantly surprised at the vehicles you will be able to choose from. At Geneva Foreign and Sports, we want to make every person with a steady income, regardless of credit, is able to get exactly the car that is needed without unnecessary costs.  Whether you are looking for a small commuter car or a large SUV for an active family, we can help you get the perfect thing and at the lowest price.

Geneva Foreign and Sports is located at 2787 Lyons Rd. in Geneva, NY.  We are just a drive away from Clifton Sprints, Walcott, Stanley, Skaneateles, Phelps, Canandaigua, Pennellville, Brewerton, and many more cities in the area.