If you have defaulted on accounts or loans in the past, that does not mean you will not find a friendly ear at Geneva Foreign and Sports.  We have a team of associates who are ready and waiting to get everyone, regardless of credit rating or past financial mistakes, behind the wheel of a car.  We will be able to find you the best Used Car Loans with Defaulted Credit in Rochester, and will offer you the best cars for a combination of a great experience!  Regardless of credit, you have great value as a customer and we want to treat you well and make sure you are completely satisfied with each step of the car-buying process.

Bad Credit Auto Loan Approval with Defaulted Credit

There could be other marks on your credit besides accounts in default, but that still will not stop us from trying to get you the best possible options for Used Car Loans with Defaulted Credit in Rochester.  Even if you have been turned down somewhere else, you will find that we do not like to turn anyone away!  We see each application as an opportunity to improve a lifestyle, and want to do just that.

Even if you have foreclosures, bankruptcies, repossessions or a recent divorce that is affecting your credit, we will get you the best possible rates to make sure your monthly payments are low.  We can further lower your monthly payments by offering low prices and great deals!

Affordable Credit Default Used Car Loans in Rochester

Once you have chosen the best of our Used Car Loans with Defaulted Credit in Rochester, you will have a large inventory of cars to choose from, including cars of all shapes, sizes and models.  You can trade in your current car to take some money off the overall price of one of these quality cars.  To find out what vehicle you can afford, simply click on our payment calculator option and put in the required data.  If you see a certain vehicle you want, you can also calculate your monthly payments depending on how long you want your loan term to be.

Geneva Foreign and Sports is located at 2787 Lyons Rd. in Geneva, NY.  Our sales department is open during the week until 6:00 PM, as is our service department. We are open on Saturdays until 3:00 PM.  We would love to see all those in area, including those from  from Lyons, Romulus, Clyde, Savannah, Seneca Falls and many more.