Buying a used car is a big process. Often times months of budgeting, calculating, searching, and test driving go into finding the right one for you. Purchasing from a used car dealership offers various differences, and similarities, along the car buying journey. So here are some used car dealership advantages for the used car buyers on the market.

Unbeatable Mom-and-Pop Service

One of the main differences with many used car dealerships is the locally-owned feeling that buyers can’t get anywhere else. Sure, the lot is typically smaller and the building less elaborate, but isn’t that kind of the point? Walking up to a used car dealer lot is similar to walking up to a friend’s house. Since used car dealers have smaller budgets for advertising and operations, their business relies on word-of-mouth from local buyers. That means, business lives and dies on the quality of service the dealer offers.

Unique Inventory

Stepping onto a used car dealership’s lot, you’ll likely notice the diversity of inventory on hand. Since used car lots acquire inventory from trade in’s and auctions, the variety of makes and models is essentially endless. You could be driving away in a classic car or a lightly used newer one.

Used Car Financing and Pricing

Some folks are under the impression that used car dealerships aren’t capable of offering the financial amenities of a new car dealership. But that is not entirely true. Many, if not most, used car dealers offer financing for buyers, regardless of past credit histories. The lower priced vehicles tend to come with the added advantage of financing to match.

While the glitz and glam of a new car dealer can be alluring, there are plenty of reasons the used car dealership options present a perfect alternative. If you’re looking for a variety of vehicles in a wide price range, you’ll likely find the best of both worlds on a used car lot.

2 thoughts on “The Used Car Dealership Advantage

  1. I want to make sure that I get the right used car. It makes sense that I would need to find a good dealership! I’ll find a nice place that has a unique inventory.

  2. I was glad that you decided to talk about the unique inventory you see in these dealerships. I’ve always been impressed by the variety of cars I see. In my opinion, used cars have a story, waiting to be discovered. It’s incredibly fascinating.

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