Over the years, used cars have gotten a bad rap.  When you hear the words ‘used car’ you might think of men wearing plaid suits, rusted hubcaps, stained upholstery, and other unsavory images.  Well here at Geneva Foreign & Sports we want to change your perspective!  We stock only the finest vehicles for our customers, and generally our sales personnel do not wear plaid jackets!  What we offer are quality, affordable automotive solutions for drivers who need dependable vehicles.  Where do you begin?  First you should know a little more about our excellent Used Car Auto Loans in Rochester. 

Applying for Used Car Auto Loans

How do auto loans work?  The world of auto financing may initially seem intimidating, but in reality the principles are straightforward, especially when you deal with our team at Geneva Foreign & Sports.  First you visit our website and enter some information into one our financial applications, which should take no more than ten minutes at most!  Then our team gets to work designing Used Car Auto Loans in Rochester.  We consider your credit history when evaluating the application, but do not worry! We have options for everyone, even drivers with bad credit.  These days vehicles are absolutely necessary, and we believe everyone should have access to auto financing.

Find a Used Car in Rochester

So what happens after you choose one of our Used Car Auto Loans in Rochester?  Once you have your loan, you can start thinking about the vehicle you want—this is the fun part!  We have an extensive selection of manufacturers that includes BMW, Volkswagen, Saab, and more.  Maybe you want something sporty and efficient like a sedan.  Perhaps you need something with a little more power and durability like an SUV.  The choice is yours!  Our dedicated team of sales associates can give you a tour of the inventory and offer some knowledgeable advice to help you find the vehicle that fits your lifestyle.  No two drivers are alike.  Everyone has different preferences, and we love helping you find that perfect vehicle!

Okay, quick question: Where can you find the best Used Car Auto Loans in Rochester?  Geneva Foreign & Sports!  Visit our website for more information, or give us a call at 315-781-2400.  You can also drop by for a visit at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 144456.  Our team would love to tell you more about financing options.  We offer superior customer service, and for this reason we are known as one of the premier automotive centers in New York.  Contact us today and start your next automotive adventure!