Mercedes Gear Selector Issues

A Mercedes is built to be fast, powerful, and efficient. However, something that can throw a real gear into your vehicle’s performance are issues with the gear selector. Unfortunately, it seems to be a common problem with both automatic and manual Mercedes systems. We will explain to you what a gear selector does, warning signs that it may be malfunctioning, why it is doing so, and what you can do to deal with the problem before further damage is done.

What Does a Gear Selector Do?

The answer is quite simple. A gear selector allows your Mercedes to switch gears and functions,  such as the familiar park, reverse, neutral, drive. Being able to do so is fundamental to the function of any vehicle.

Warning Signs of a Failing/Malfunctioning Gear Selector

There are a few different ways to tell if your gear selector may be malfunctioning or failing. These symptoms may be indicative of another issue, though, so it is best to have your Mercedes diagnosed by a professional no matter what the real reason is.

  • Your vehicle may be making grinding noises when you try to shift gears. Try to listen for it and see if it happens frequently.
  • Another noise to listen for is a consistent clicking.
  • If you find it difficult to switch gears at all, this is a big indicator that your gear selector is faulty. You need to stop driving immediately before you lose control of the vehicle entirely.
  • Other Mercedes owners have complained that it is particularly difficult or tricky to shift from drive to reverse. Obviously, any issues that impair your driving abilities should be immediately fixed.

Why Gear Selectors Malfunction/Fail

The reasons why a gear selector fails are:

  • Manufacturer error. While Mercedes manufacturers pride themselves on creating high-quality vehicles, some things still slip through the cracks. Not every part is tested as thoroughly as it should be, and some parts come out slightly wrong. Your gear selector can easily be one of them.
  • Neglect by owner. If you do not have your vehicle serviced and inspected regularly as recommended by your owner’s manual, you will eventually run into problems that could have been avoided.
  • It is only natural that any part of a vehicle breaks down over time. Natural wear and tear is a part of life. You will occasionally have to repair auto parts or replace them.
  • Valve body failure could be the reason the gear selector is not functioning properly. The valve body’s function is to let hydraulic transmission fluid flow through it, allowing your Mercedes to switch gears smoothly. When it fails, the fluid is trapped and will not be flowing toward the parts of the vehicle that it needs to.

What You Can Do to Deal With the Problem

Gear selector failure can be dealt with in one of two ways:

  • Taking your Mercedes to a qualified mechanic for diagnostic tests and repairs when your gear selector is malfunctioning is crucial. You are not likely going to be able to fix the problem yourself unless you are a highly-trained and experienced mechanic. They can tell you exactly what is wrong, what they will do to fix it, and how much it might cost to do so.
  • In the future, have regular inspections and maintenance done to avoid the problem in the first place. The money is worth your safety and your vehicle’s optimum performance.

Where You Can Go to Solve the Issue

While you can have preventative maintenance done Mercedes Gear Selector Issues Fix in the future, you need someone to help you fix the problem now. The trouble is that not every mechanic is qualified to work on foreign vehicles such as your own.

Lucky for you, we know the right place to go. Geneva Foreign and Sports is ready to help you face your gear selector issues and whatever else may be malfunctioning in your Mercedes. Our technicians are trained and equipped to fix your vehicle up in no time.

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