Well it’s February again, which means we’ve recently put the fate of the next couple of months in the hands of a tiny rodent. And, spring-drivingunfortunately, it seems Good ‘ol Phil caught a glimpse of his shadow just this morning. It truly is a cruel, cruel world out there. But fear not, because despite the “cold shoulder” that Mr. Phil gave us this morning, Spring is, in fact, just around the corner. So rather than wallowing in self-pity over the omen of a shadow, we’ve decided to remain positive by helping you prepare your car for the warmer months ahead with a list of Spring driving tips.

Preparing your car for Spring driving should be an annual routine. Think of it like a doctor’s appointment for your car. Taking care to prepare your car for the spring and summer can save you money and time in the long run. By looking for problems and making changes to adapt, you’re likely to obtain a healthier car with more longevity.

Check and Replace Wipers, Tires, and Filters

With heavy rains and fluctuating temperatures, you’ll benefit from new wipers on your windshield. Changing out the snow tires for regular ones helps with maneuvering the warmer, possibly wet, streets. As for air filters, you’ll likely be needing them when the need for A/C arrives.

Oil and Fluids Changes and Top-Offs

This one’s a no-brainer, and just another reason why oil changes are so important.

Battery and Spark Plugs Checks

Weather and overall use can cause wear and tear to the car’s battery and spark plugs. It’s just a part of car ownership that can’t be overlooked.

Detailing and Washes

Go for the full detailing package and ensure that winter salt is off every surface of your car. They’ll take care of your car from the inside out and give a full cleaning to make the most of your experience.

Windshield Drilling and Checks

The winter months can take their toll on your windshield. If you see any dents or cracks, be sure to have them drilled before they become a hefty bill.

There you have it. Some aspects of our Spring driving list see trivial, but every bit counts toward a healthier car. Making these simple changes can be the difference between a couple small maintenance bills, and a hefty one that can really clean out the bank.

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