You may have had financial problems in the past that landed you in situations that do not look good on your credit record e.g. bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure, etc. However, despite all that may have happened, you should know that at Geneva Foreign & Sports you still have a chance to get an auto loan for your dream car. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports offer second chance auto loans in Rochester because everyone deserves a second chance. Our second chance auto loans are flexible, so do not hesitate to apply for them.

Finding Your Second Chance with Auto Loans in Rochester


Many people with less than perfect credit fear auto loans because they think that they might get stuck financially at some point and default on the monthly installments like they might have done on other loans. However, we at Geneva Foreign & Sports wish to assure you that such a thing will not happen to you when you apply for our auto loans. This is because we have adjusted the terms of our second chance auto loans in Rochester to suit even those in low financial positions. 

First, our second chance auto loans come with low down payments, so it will be fairly easy to pay them even if you had not saved much. Second, our auto loans come with low-interest rates which means that you will get reasonable monthly installments amounts. In addition, our auto loans also come with flexible payment schedules. We would be willing to oblige if you would want a longer payment period. Longer payment periods would give you lower monthly installments. 

We at Geneva Foreign & Sports also allow lump-sum payments at no extra charge so you can pay for several months at a time. In addition, our interest rates are also fixed. This means that your monthly installment amount will remain constant all through; this will enable you to plan well for them all. Therefore, rest assured that if you take a second chance auto loan from us, you would be able to comfortably complete its monthly payments.  

Build Your Credit with Our Second Chance Auto Loans

Our second chance auto loans in Rochester also offer you the opportunity to improve your credit status. Whenever we approve auto loans, we make a point of informing the four national credit bureaus of those auto loans. Therefore, rest assured that any auto loan that you would get from us would be tracked by these credit bureaus and all the progress that you would make in repaying any such auto loan would be recorded in your credit record. All that you would need to do is make sure that you pay your monthly installments on time every month. 

If you would do so, your credit score would climb steadily with every payment that you would make. Eventually, your credit status would change to good credit. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports welcome you to come to our dealership for these auto loans. We are located at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 14456. You can also opt to apply for them on our website.