Winter weather is rough on cars, and during the colder months you need to be more vigilant about maintenance and scheduled service dates.  Scheduled car maintenance is basically a recommended timetable that tells you when your Porsche needs care from automotive professionals.  If you need to Schedule Porsche Service in Syracuse, we encourage you get in touch with our team here at Geneva Foreign & Sports.  

Why You Should Schedule Porsche Service 

Imagine you are driving down an empty highway on a dark chilly night, when suddenly the check engine light comes on, the engine sputters off, and you are forced to pull over on the shoulder, hoping there is a cell signal to call a tow truck.  How do you avoid such a terrible inconvenience and expense?  Nothing can guarantee your experience on the road will be completely problem-free, but regular maintenance from qualified professionals will greatly reduce the likelihood of unexpected mechanical problems.

If you think you need to Schedule Porsche Service in Syracuse, you should get started today.  Click the service tab on our website and fill out a scheduling appointment form.  Within twelve hours of receiving your information, we will contact you to set up a date. 

Professional Porsche Service in Syracuse

Drivers who want to Schedule Porsche Service in Syracuse are welcome to contact our team here at Geneva Foreign & Sports.  Our service department employs only the most qualified and dedicated technicians, which means your Porsche gets a level of service not available from an all-purpose mechanic.  Imported vehicles, especially Porsche models, offer precision engineering and innovative design features that a generic mechanic may find unfamiliar, which is why you should seek out a team of professionals that understand the nuances and specs of German-made sports cars like Porsche.

You spent a substantial amount of money purchasing your Porsche, and the best way to protect your investment is with regular maintenance from technicians who are passionate about their work.  We offer a full range of services, including transmission repair, wheel alignment, and of course scheduled maintenance work.  We understand you have a busy schedule, so we have streamlined the scheduling process and will work hard to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

To learn more about our services, please give us a call at 855-694-6184, or visit our automotive center at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 14456.  Here at Geneva Foreign & Sports our clients get friendly customer service and professional automotive advice.  Get in touch today to Schedule Porsche Service in Syracuse.