We at Geneva Foreign & Sports welcome you to come and schedule Porsche service in Rochester at our service center. Porsche has always produced vehicles of superior build quality. For decades, its vehicles have consistently pushed the boundaries of automotive innovation, style, luxury and performance. The exceptional quality of your Porsche vehicle should be matched with equally exceptional auto service. Your Porsche vehicle should only be attended to by trained and certified auto technicians that know how to service your Porsche vehicle, and you can get such technicians at Geneva Foreign & Sports.

Professional and Specialized Porsche Service in Rochester

Another thing that you are assured of when you schedule Porsche service in Rochester at Geneva Foreign & Sports is specialized Porsche equipment. The hi-tech systems and features in your Porsche vehicle should be diagnosed with the appropriate hi-tech Porsche diagnostic tools. Such specialized equipment assures you of the most accurate service. It also assures you of the fact that all underlying problems will be attended to; you will drive out of our service center knowing that your Porsche vehicle has been restored to its best possible condition.

Some of this specialized Porsche equipment includes a diagnostics tester that reads and deletes error memory, a Porsche ceramic composite brake disc tester that senses the degree of wear on ceramic brake discs, and many more. In addition, you are also assured of getting original Porsche parts and accessories at Geneva Foreign & Sports. We source these parts directly from Porsche, so all the parts that our technicians would install on your Porsche car would fit perfectly.

Schedule Porsche Mileage Service in Rochester

If your Porsche vehicle has hit 15,000 miles then it is time to schedule Porsche service in Rochester. At 15,000 miles, you get minor maintenance service that includes oil and oil filter change service, tire rotation service, engine air filter change, and inspection of various key components of your vehicle’s brake system and cooling system. The services become more detailed as your vehicle’s mileage increases. For example, at 80,000 miles you get a major service that includes replacement of fluids like brake fluid and transmission fluid, comprehensive tire repair and replacement, spark plug replacement, inspection and repair of ancillary unit mounts and suspension system, airbag inspection, and much more.

At Geneva Foreign & Sports, there is no room for compromise; we ensure that we give the best every time. To this end, constantly organize trainings for our certified auto technicians by highly trained and accomplished Porsche technicians and engineers. For additional details on all the maintenance services that we offer, come to Geneva Foreign & Sports at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 14456. Our technicians are very friendly and helpful and our prices are competitive, so you are sure to enjoy coming to us for Porsche auto service.