It is in your best interests to schedule Mercedes-Benz service in Rochester at Geneva Foreign & Sports. This is because it is only at a Mercedes-Benz used car dealer like Geneva Foreign & Sports that your car can get the specialized auto care that it requires. Mercedes-Benz cars are not like other cars; they feature the most advanced powertrains, transmissions, cooling systems and safety features on the market. Therefore, they must be attended to by technicians that are well versed in how to diagnose and repair their different parts, systems and features. Many auto service practices that apply with regular cars may not apply with Mercedes-Benz cars. Therefore, make a point of bringing your Mercedes-Benz car to Geneva Foreign & Sports for auto service.

Mercedes-Benz Mileage Maintenance Service in Rochester

Present day Mercedes-Benz cars are very advanced. They come equipped with maintenance service indicator systems that can remind you when you need to schedule Mercedes-Benz service in Rochester. They start to display reminder messages on the car’s dashboard screen from around a month before the service is required, and the messages keep coming right until the time that the service is required.

You should follow the recommendations of your car’s maintenance service indicator systems and bring your car to Geneva Foreign & Sports when maintenance service is required. However, if your Mercedes-Benz car does not have this system, just bring your car to us. We will assess it and will establish its required maintenance schedule. If you faithfully give your car the Mercedes-Benz maintenance service that it requires at the set mileage intervals, you will enjoy driving your car because it will always run at optimum power and at its best fuel efficiency.

Available Services for Scheduled Mercedes-Benz Service in Rochester

We at Geneva Foreign & Sports offer our Mercedes-Benz service according to Mercedes-Benz’s flexible service maintenance system that categorizes maintenance services in letters i.e. from flex service A to flex service H. Flex service A is done after 10,000 miles, and it comprises of services like oil and oil filter change, tire inspection and repair, brake system inspection, and testing of the starter, and battery and charging system. Major services like the flex service G, which is done after 80,000 miles, feature many additional maintenance services like poly-V-belt replacement, spark plug replacement, engine compartment dust and air filter replacement, lubing of hinges, and many more.

You can schedule Mercedes-Benz service in Rochester when you click on the Schedule Appointment button here on our website. You can also call us at 855-694-6184 to do the same. We are located at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 14456.