You will not regret choosing to schedule Mercedes-Benz repair in Rochester at Geneva Foreign & Sports. For the most part of the last century, Mercedes-Benz has dominated the global luxury vehicle industry, delivering exceptional luxury vehicles that have no compare. The advancements that Mercedes-Benz has made in safety, performance, luxury and technology far exceed those of the other car brands on the market.

Flex Maintenance Services with Mercedes-Benz Repair in Rochester

As from 1998, Mercedes-Benz launched an exclusive ‘flexible service maintenance system’ frequently termed as the ‘Flex Service’ for all its vehicles. This system establishes a series of maintenance schedules that your Mercedes-Benz vehicle will need to have throughout the course of its lifetime. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports administer these flex services when you schedule Mercedes-Benz repair in Rochester. The different flex services are denoted by letters, e.g. flex A service, flex B service, flex C service, etc.

The flex A service should be done after every year or after every 10,000 miles, and it comprises of services like oil and oil filter change, brake and suspension inspection and repair, electrical system analysis and repair, and tire repair and replacement. The flex B service should be done after every two years or 20,000 miles, and it includes the flex A services plus additional services like air cabin filter replacement, brake system flush, inspection of front and rear axle joints, inspection of steering system, and much more.

Schedule Mercedes-Benz Repair Service with OEM Parts 

You are also assured of getting genuine Mercedes-Benz auto parts when you schedule Mercedes-Benz repair in Rochester. We source these parts directly for Mercedes-Benz or from Mercedes-Benz-approved original equipment manufacturers. This assures you of optimum safety because our OEM parts will hold out even when you will push your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to its limits. Our OEM parts are also very reasonably priced; call us to make an inquiry today.

Your Mercedes-Benz vehicle should not be serviced or repaired by just any auto technician. It should be serviced by technicians who have been specifically trained on how to repair Mercedes-Benz vehicles and who have the superior diagnostic systems required to diagnose problems in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports have such advanced systems and such specially-trained Mercedes-Benz auto technicians. Our technicians have been repairing Mercedes-Benz vehicles for years, so do not hesitate to bring your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to us.

We at Geneva Foreign & Sports would be honored to serve you. In the last few years, we have served many auto service clients in the Rochester area, and they have all been satisfied with our services. You can find us at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 14456. You can also call us at 855-694-6184.