We would all love to keep our vehicles out on the autobahn as long as possible, but sometimes it is necessary to bring our vehicles in to the shop. When you find that you need to Schedule German Auto Repair in Syracuse, you know you will be in good hands if you take it in to Geneva Foreign & Sports. Having a German-built car, you know it will be in good shape for many years to come, but occasionally a minor repair comes up and you need a professional with knowledge about German-built cars to work on your vehicle.

German Auto Maintenance in Syracuse


Though German autos are incredibly resilient and powerful machines, they too need repairs on occasion. Whether a timing belt exploded, someone did a hit and run on your vehicle, or a tire blew out, things pop up when you are a vehicle owner. But if you want to take the best care of your German car, you need to Schedule German Auto Repair in Syracuse. Scheduling auto repair at a shop that does not specialize in foreign vehicles could result in a non-OEM part being used on your vehicle, which could damage it in the long run. Make sure to take your vehicle to experienced mechanics who will treat it right.

Schedule Professional German Auto Repair


To find the right mechanic, look for a shop that uses OEM parts and has extensive experience working with foreign vehicles. If you take your car to someone who does not specialize in German vehicles you may not get the best results you seek. Foreign vehicles need a little more love and care to help keep them going. We make it easy for you to schedule a repair as well so if you find yourself in need of help, give us a call or go online and fill out our form. 

Getting your German vehicle repaired is a pretty simple process considering how easy it is to Schedule German Auto Repair in Syracuse. All you need to do is reach out to Geneva Foreign & Sports. You can call us at 855-694-6184 to talk to one of our professional and experienced mechanics, and get information over the phone, or bring your vehicle in for diagnosis and an estimate. We are easy to reach, located at 2787 Lyons Road in Geneva on Highway 14. For folks living in the greater Finger Lakes region, such as in Geneva, Auburn, Clyde, Newark, Canandaigua, or Penn Yan, Interstate 90 may help you get to us faster. Come pay us a visit at Geneva Foreign & Sports today and we will fix your car in no time.