Owning a BMW means that you are driving in a sophisticated machine that is stylish, comfortable, and cool. In order to keep your BMW running at its optimal level, it is important to keep up with maintenance. If you want your BMW to continue functioning at its top level without having to buy expensive tools or get your hands dirty, call Geneva Foreign & Sports to schedule BMW service in Rochester. Our expert BMW mechanics will service your BMW in our state-of-the-art service facility while you wait in our comfortable customer lounge.

BMW Scheduled Services and Repair


Performing BMW scheduled services will keep your BMW operating safely and efficiently for many years. Having regular oil services and inspections will ensure that your BMW operates at its very best, and will eliminate costly damage caused by a timing belt snapping or brakes wearing out. When you schedule BMW service in Rochester, our automotive specialists will check the oil, check for fluid leaks, fill the windshield wiper fluid, and check tire pressure. Our inspections include testing brakes, checking for a worn timing belt, testing computer diagnostics, and we can perform valve adjustments, fluid replacement, and tune-ups.

BMW Service Specialists in Rochester


At Foreign & Sports, we have a state-of-the-art service facility complete with modern service bays, diagnostic equipment, and specialized tools. In fact, we can service, test, inspect, and repair your BMW quickly and efficiently, while you wait in our comfortable customer lounge. In addition, our parts department is stocked with certified BMW parts, so if your BMW needs new spark plugs, brake pads, or an alternator, we can replace it right away, rather than having to wait for a parts delivery.

When you schedule BMW service in Rochester, you can rest assured that your car is in professional hands. Our automotive mechanics have years of experience and specialized BMW training. We pay attention to details, and know how to keep your BMW operating smoothly and efficiently. We service and repair BMWs every day, and we do the job right the first time.

When you own a BMW, it’s important to pull the maintenance in order to keep it running at it’s very best. When you schedule BMW service in Rochester, you will be placing your BMW in good hands. To schedule BMW maintenance, call 855-694-6184, or stop by and visit us at 2787 Lyons Road in Geneva, NY. While you wait in our comfortable customer lounge, we will service your BMW.