Lady Feeling The Wind

Being able to drive with your windows down in that perfect 75 degree weather is a great feeling. Or how about how easy it is to drive up to your favorite drive-through window to order a snack? We all know your dog appreciates being able to stick its head out of the window to smell all those new smells.

It’s amazing how many times and how often we actually use the windows in our vehicle. It is something that is rarely thought about. That is, until it can no longer go up or down. The moment the window loses its power is when we notice and realize how often they actually get used. The window is controlled by something called a power regulator, and there are a few reasons as to why it would fail.

Cable Detachment

One of the first reasons that the power window regulator can fail is due to the cable. Part of the power regulator consists of a pulley system. The pulleys will pull the window back up into its upright position. The pulley system is one that can get worn out over time and can detach at any moment. It has most commonly been noted to give out once the window has been rolled down, so you are most likely to notice that there is an issue when you are attempting to close the window. Due to the fact that the pulley system going out is one of the most common issues when it comes to power regulator failure, there are plenty of parts available in order to fix it.

Motor Overheating

A second reason why the power window regulator could fail is going to be if the motor overheats. The overheating can be caused by many things, such as general wear and tear. Once the motor begins to overheat, you will want to give it a chance to cool down. Try not to use the window as much so the motor does not overwork. If the motor continues to overheat, then it may need to be replaced. It is a good idea to take your vehicle in for servicing so a technician is able to take a look and properly diagnose the real reason why the motor is overheating.

Cold Temperature

When your vehicle is out in cold temperature, there is a strong possibility that the power window regulator can fail. Living in an area where there is a long season of below 32 degree temperatures will affect how the regulator works. If the regulator sits in cold weather for too long then it will freeze. Once frozen, the window can disconnect from the regulator. If the window does not disconnect from the regulator, then the parts will wear down a lot quicker because they are having to work harder than normal just to function in the cold temperatures. Either option will not bring desirable outcomes and will ultimately lead to power window regulator failure.

Servicing Your Vehicle

Having your power window regulator fail unexpectedly on Car Power Window Button you can be a scary thing, especially if it happens when you are heading to work and cannot be late or are about to let your car sit in the mall parking lot for a few hours. In any and all situations, a regulator failure is not ideal. This is when you can take your vehicle to our experts at Geneva Foreign & Sports.

For drivers in and around Geneva, NY and the surrounding areas, we will be able to quickly and thoroughly examine your vehicle to find the main cause of the regulator failure. All of our technicians will take their time with your vehicle and ensure that the proper problem is correctly diagnosed. From there, we can discuss your repair options to make sure we can take care of all of your vehicle’s problems quickly.

Whether you need routine maintenance or intensive repairs, we’re here to help. For quick, reliable, and friendly service on your European vehicle, call Geneva Foreign & Sports to schedule your appointment today!

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