Volvo Cooling Fan Motor Repair

In order to keep something functioning properly, additional parts might be used to optimize operation conditions and parameters. But the interesting part about them is that they also need to be maintained and optimized. If this pattern continued, it would be an endless loop. The cooling fan module is a perfect example of this. It is essential for maintaining the health and function of the engine, but there is nothing to regulate and ensure its health and function.

Especially for nice cars like a Volvo, maintaining their operation is worth the effort and money. Healthy parts allow for good driving, so it is important to keep the cooling fan operating properly so that it can keep the engine running properly. Neglecting a malfunctioning cooling fan module may result in more serious and expensive repairs down the line when the engine begins to break down from overheating.

What is a Cooling Fan Module?

The cooling fan module, as the name describes, is an entire electrical system (module) that serves as a fan for the engine with the purpose of cooling it down by increasing air flow around the engine using negative pressure created by rotating blades. Like any traditional fan, it consists of a motor attached to several curved blades that increases ventilation in the surrounding area.

Since the purpose of the cooling fan module is to cool down the engine, it is only turned on when the engine is too hot. As heat is produced by the engine when it burns fuel, it needs to be removed promptly. Excessive heat in the engine may result in accelerated degradation of its internal parts, a reduction of its general function, and in extreme cases, engine failure. Given how important the cooling fan module is, it is essential to understand how things affect its function.

Problems with the Cooling Fan Module

The cooling fan module requires electricity to operate. Electrical connections rely on thin metal wires that are not very rugged and therefore fray and come apart easily, especially in vehicles, where they bounce around a lot. Moreover, its function depends on several other factors, including the temperature of the engine and an operational motor.

For example, during the winter when the temperature is typically lower and the engine will not overheat, the fan does not need to function at all. During the summer, however, the extreme heat may interfere with the thermometer’s ability to accurately interpret the temperature, causing the fan to not turn on despite the engine overheating.

In some cases, the fan may be turned on constantly, even when the engine temperature is below the threshold for the fan to turn on automatically. In yet other cases, the fan may be turned on, but the output is less than normal, which is usually due to a blockage in the blades due to dust, dirt, or other contaminants.

Since the cooling fan module is an extremely sensitive one, it is often very difficult to identify the reasons why it might not be working. For inexperienced mechanics, it will most likely be impossible to fix the problem alone, given that it resides in the midst of a bunch of other parts around the engine, which would all need to be removed first. Fortunately, there are many simple and relatively inexpensive solutions for a faulty cooling fan module.


When it comes to cooling fan modules, self-repairs may Red Volvo Car not be the best option. Most people would most likely cause more problems to it instead of fixing them, since the system is so sensitive. Given their importance and electrical complexity, the safest option is to have them professionally replaced by a reputable repair shop.

For cooling fan module repairs, the place to go is Geneva Foreign & Sports, convenient to Geneva, Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, NY, because they are the leaders in the field. We have the experience and expertise to diagnose a malfunctioning cooling fan module, as well as provide knowledgeable solutions for it. Since they are relatively cheap, most people simply have their cooling fan modules replaced, and Geneva Foreign & Sports will get the job done quickly and professionally so you can be back on the road and enjoying the cool breeze!

* Red Volvo Car image credit goes to: bortnikau.

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