Volkswagen Emission System

Vehicles have been known to pollute the environment, especially the quality of atmospheric air. In an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, many vehicles have been fitted with emission systems that ensure that any harmful byproducts from the fuel combustion process in the engine are broken down into less toxic substances before being released into the air.

Volkswagen manufacturers are determined that their vehicles pass emission tests. These emission tests are conducted to ensure that the gases produced at the tail end of the combustion process stay within permissible limits in compliance with environmental protection requirements.

How the Emission System Works

The emission system works by returning the gases from the combustion process back into the cylinder head where it is re-combined with the fuel-air mixture before it goes back into the combustion chamber. By going back into the combustion chamber, the exhaust gases lower the temperature in the chamber and make it conducive for reduced production of nitrogen oxides, which are the pollutants in the atmosphere.

The catalytic converter also plays an important role in ensuring that the hydrocarbons in the exhaust fumes are turned into less harmless carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor.

Reasons for Emission System Failure

The emission system in the Volkswagen can develop problems and cause your car to fail emission tests. This failure can be caused by a number of reasons including:

  • Worn out plugs and gas cap that will let exhaust out through the tailpipe. Worn out spark plugs will cause the mixture in the combustion chamber to fail to burn completely and efficiently, leaving the poorly-burned substances to be released into the atmosphere. These substances in this nature increase the level of toxic emissions.
  • Malfunctioning fuel injectors may also cause the oxygen sensors in the vehicle fail. This will interfere with the fuel to air ratio in the combustion chamber, a situation that can lead to a rich air to fuel ratio. The effects of this is that a unburned fuel will find its way into the catalytic converter and damage it, making it impossible to convert exhaust fumes into less toxic gases.

Tips to prevent failure of emission tests

Failing an emission test can lead to the withdrawal of your permission to drive in certain jurisdictions. This is more likely to happen if your Volkswagen fails more than one test consecutively. The only sure way to make sure that your car does not fail emission tests is to regularly take it in for servicing. Through regular servicing, it is highly likely that your mechanic will spot any component that may be malfunctioning and causing emission failure.

As part of the servicing, your mechanic will be able to clean out the different components and change the oil. In doing this, your car’s air filters will be able to function properly and will prevent the sensors from coming up with wrong readings that may in turn lead to a rich air-to-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Additionally, changing any components that may have developed signs of wear will also help prevent your Volkswagen from failing emission tests.

Taking care of the emission system in your car will improve your overall driving experience by improving the engine life of your car. The fuel economy of your car will also be much better because of reduced dumping of raw fuel through the exhaust.

Moreover, through keeping the hydrocarbon emissions from your car as low as possible, you will be able to stay on the right side of the environmental regulatory laws. You will also be able to ensure that you maintain a low carbon footprint in the course of using your car, benefiting the quality of air in the atmosphere and minimizing pollution.

What to Do If Your Volkswagen Fails an Emission Test

Fortunately, failing an emission test can be Volkswagen Emission Test corrected. In fact, having a technician look into your car before taking a test will ensure that any part that needs replacing can be fixed before you take the test.

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