The Porsche service in Geneva is outstanding here at Geneva Foreign and Sports, and we are happy to take a brief moment to let you know about how we stand out with our available offerings. We have been a regional favorite for years thanks to our attention to customer service, and our foreign car expertise is well-known. If your Porsche needs servicing, we invite you to give us a try. 

Porsche Oil Change Service

Regular oil changes are a simple yet largely effective way to keep your 911 or Boxster in optimum condition, and we offer some of the best service in the area. It’s not a complex procedure, but you will find that keeping up with it can greatly help to extend the life of your high performance engine. 

This particular Porsche service in Geneva entails a changing of the oil and the oil filter, but it goes far beyond that. Our detailed technicians take a comprehensive look at your drivetrain, and this includes belts, hoses, fluid levels and air filters. We replace anything that needs it, but we always consult with you first. What’s more, we factor in your vehicle’s specific recommendations when it comes to oil change intervals. For instance, some older models and trims may recommend time frame, while newer models may require another. 

Outstanding Porsche Services in Geneva

If your Porsche has higher mileage, then we have you covered, even if you drive a vintage model. Mileage maintenance is similar to an oil change in that it lends well towards the life of your car, but the procedure—depending on the actual mileage—is more in depth. In addition to an oil change, this Porsche service in Geneva includes wiper blade replacement, a new fuel filter, power steering and transmission fluid, engine coolant, timing belt and a new battery. 

As mentioned, however, we will keep in contact with you throughout the service procedure, because if you’re a new customer, you may have already had the, say, timing belt replaced. We will never try to sell you something that you don’t need here at Geneva Foreign and Sports. 

We offer other service procedures as well; feel free to peruse this website for more information. you can also take advantage of our “Ask a Tech” feature to get a head start on what specifics your Porsche may need. We are located in Geneva, NY and are proud to serve the greater metro area. Our friendly technicians are here from Monday through Saturday, and our hours are accommodating. We look forward to meeting you and earning your repeat business for years to come.