Here at your friendly foreign auto dealer, you can find expert Porsche repair in Geneva. We at Geneva Foreign and Sports are happy to make this available to you, as we understand that you want your Porsche in the best of care, and we are the foreign car experts. We always take the time to do the job right, and our equipment is cutting-edge. 

Porsche Timing Belt Repair in Geneva

Your timing belt is one of the more important components to your engine, and if it breaks, you could be looking at costly repairs to your engine. This is especially true with an interference engine. However a non-interference engine is subject to damage as well if the belt breaks. We have you covered at our service center, and you’ll be happy to learn that we will never try to sell you something that you don’t need. For example, many times a squeal can mean that your tensioner needs to be tightened, and that’s all. Either way, you’re in good hands when you choose us for Porsche repair in Geneva. 

During the procedure, our friendly technicians make sure that valves and pistons are synchronized. We also make sure that the tensioners are correctly set. We are foreign car experts, and we are in regular contact with the manufacturer to ensure that your Porsche timing belt specifications are met. 

Porsche Repair Services and Benefits

Your air conditioning system is another area that we can help with your Porsche when you come to Geneva Foreign and Sports. We have expert diagnostic tools that can get to the root of your A/C problem quickly. We check for leaks and odd smells when we perform this facet of our available Porsche repair in Geneva, and oftentimes it is the compressor, which is a relatively quick fix. Other times, a leak could be the issue, and we are capable of repairing that with ease as well. Your friendly technician will let you know if you need a Freon/refrigerant recharge, and any other potential problems you will be made aware of. 

We are here to help at our friendly establishment, and no matter the Porsche model year you drive, we are the place to be. For more information, feel free to call, message, or stop by our Geneva, NY establishment. We are here six days a week, and our hours are accommodating. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with all of your Porsche repair needs.