If you have had a hard time getting auto loans because of your poor credit status, you should consider coming to Geneva Foreign & Sports. At Geneva Foreign & Sports, you will never be turned away because of having less than perfect credit. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports have specialized in offering poor credit auto loans in Rochester, so there is no better place to go for such auto loans.

Finding Auto Loans with Poor Credit

Without a doubt, you will love the convenience that our poor credit auto loans offer. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports understand that paying significant amounts of money at a go can be strenuous. For this reason, we have adjusted our auto loans to suit your pocket. We have set low down payments on these auto loans to make it easier for people to afford them. If you are in a really tight financial spot but still need a vehicle, you can take advantage of our used vehicle specials that come with special discounts and rebates. 

You can see the used vehicle specials that we currently have on our website. If you opt for one of our used vehicle specials, its special discounts and rebates would be deducted from its down payment, which would significantly reduce the amount of money you would need to pay up front. Our poor credit auto loans in Rochester are also known for their discounted interest rates. 

This means that you would pay less in monthly installments with these auto loans than you would with regular auto loans. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports also offer long payment periods that could stretch even up to 84 months. We are willing to stretch the payment periods of our auto loans to suit your preference. Therefore, if you take our poor credit auto loans, you will never have trouble paying the monthly payments.

Easy-to-Use Auto Loans in Rochester


We at Geneva Foreign & Sports have also made it very easy for people to apply for our poor credit auto loans in Rochester. All that we require is for you to have a driver’s license and a steady job. You can apply for these auto loans either online or at our offices. The first thing that you would need to do would be to look through our inventory and choose the vehicle that you would want. The next step would be to fill an auto loan application form and get credit approved to acquire the vehicle that you would have chosen. The third step would be to pay the down payment and any other required fees, and sign the relevant documents. 

After that, you would be allowed to leave with the vehicle that you chose. Call Geneva Foreign & Sports today at 855-694-6184 if you have any questions about these auto loans. You can also visit our offices at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 14456.