Calling all drivers!  We have some exciting news: Visit Geneva Foreign & Sports today and you can take advantage of our No Credit Auto Loans in Rochester.  Often drivers experience difficulty securing loans, and we know the world of auto finance can be a little confusing, especially for clients with no credit.  The solution is Geneva Foreign & Sports where our team of financial experts will show you the ropes and get you started. 

How No Credit Auto Loans Work in Rochester

Why do drivers need No Credit Auto Loans in Rochester?  Here’s a quick summary of how things work: When you apply for a loan, the lender uses your credit history to evaluate your application.  If you have good credit, the loan will probably go through.  If you have bad credit, you might experience problems.  This is the counter-intuitive part: ‘no credit’ can be just as problematic as ‘bad credit’.  If you do not have a credit history, the lender has no record upon which to evaluate the loan, and sometimes the loan application is rejected for this reason.

What is the ‘no credit’ driver to do?  Contact Geneva Foreign & Sports!  We specialize in working with drivers who have a thin or non-existent credit histories—after all, everyone has to start somewhere!  To get started simply visit our website and fill out one of our easy-to-use financial applications.  Then our financial experts can get started on your loan.  Nothing could be easier!  We streamline the loan process because we know our clients are busy people. 

Extensive Inventory in Rochester with No Credit Auto Loans

First you apply for one of our No Credit Auto Loans in Rochester.  Then the fun begins!  Here at Geneva Foreign & Sports we have an extensive inventory of vehicles for your consideration.  Our selection includes BMW, Porsche, Ford, Saab, and much more!  If you are unsure where to begin, simply chat with our friendly team of sales associates.  We can provide you with knowledgeable advice and years of automotive experience. 

What are you waiting for?  Contact us today and ask about our No Credit Auto Loans in Rochester.  Give us a call at 315-781-2400.  Or you can drop by for a visit at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 144456.  We can walk you through the loan process and show you how things work.  Want some more good news?  An auto loan is a great way to start building credit, so next time you need a loan things will be easier thanks to Geneva Foreign & Sports.  Contact us today and get on the road!