Serving in the military takes courage, sacrifice, and dedication; it also takes the will to endure many tough circumstances just so that others can be safe. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports recognize and honor the sacrifices that you have made for this country, in whatever capacity. Therefore, if you serve in the military, rest assured that you would never be turned down when you come to us for military auto loans in Rochester. 

Common Terms of Military Auto Loans

One of the favorable auto loan terms that you will get with our military auto loans is quicker auto loan approval. Credit approval on regular auto loans is already pretty fast, but the process will be extradited even further for members of the armed services. Therefore, when you come and submit your auto loan application, you will only wait for a few minutes to get your credit approval. In addition, our military auto loans in Rochester also come with additional incentives and discounts that make the auto loans more affordable. 

These special incentives are normally deducted from the down payment, which means that the down payment will be well within your means. These auto loans also come with discounted interest rates. This means what you will pay in installments on a monthly basis on our military auto loans will be significantly less than what you would pay every month on regular auto loans. 

Our military auto loans also come with flexible payment schedules because our lending companies understand that at times you simply may not be able to make your monthly payments when you are required to. We also allow you to make lump sum payments or early payments, and we also offer the option of having an automatic payment plan that automatically deducts the monthly installments from your account every month and sends them to our account.    

Vehicles for Military Loans in Rochester

We at Geneva Foreign & Sports have a wide network of lending companies, and all of them offer special auto loan terms for military service people. Therefore, for the best auto loan deals in Rochester, come to Geneva Foreign & Sports.
Another thing that you will like about coming to Geneva Foreign & Sports for military auto loans in Rochester is the fact that you will have very many high-quality used vehicles from which to choose. Our collection of vehicles is one of the largest in the Rochester area, and we stock vehicles from all the major automakers in the US.

Our experienced and certified auto technicians have inspected and serviced all of our vehicles, and have given then a clean bill of health. If you want to apply for these auto loans, come to Geneva Foreign & Sports at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 14456. You can also call us at 855-694-6184 if you have any questions.