You should consider coming to Geneva Foreign & Sports for Mercedes camshaft timing adjuster codes repair in Rochester. Do you keep seeing your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s check engine light coming on? Do you keep seeing trouble codes like P0059, P0064, P0272, P0060, P0275, and P0276? These trouble codes indicate that your vehicle may have a defective camshaft position sensor, a defective camshaft adjuster solenoid, or a failing or worn-out balance shaft gear. 

Convenient Mercedes Camshaft Timing Adjuster Codes Repair


The solenoids tend to stick and jam from oil varnish when oil change intervals are extended. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports have ASE-certified and factory-trained Mercedes-Benz auto technicians that know exactly what to do to restore your vehicle’s engine to immaculate condition when such problems come about. Our technicians can accurately diagnose these problems using our state-of-the-art Mercedes Xentry scan tool. With this tool, the above problems can be fixed at fraction of what you would spend if you were to take your vehicle to other dealerships.

Thanks to the experience of our certified auto technicians, you are assured of having the Mercedes camshaft timing adjuster codes repair in Rochester done quickly. An entire team of technicians will get to work on your vehicle when you bring it to us, so the work will be done before you know it. However, if your busy schedule cannot permit you to wait, we can arrange a complimentary loaner car for you. In addition, if you will not be able to come to service center, we can also arrange to come and pick your car up from wherever you will be and leave you with our complimentary loaner car.    

Quality-Assured Mercedes Camshaft Timing Adjuster Repair in Rochester


You can also count on getting all the Mercedes-Benz engine parts and components that would be required when performing Mercedes camshaft timing adjuster codes repair in Rochester at our service center. We keep our service center well stocked with these parts and components. All our auto parts are original and genuine as we source them directly from Mercedes-Benz.

We at Geneva Foreign & Sports are also skilled and equipped to perform all other Mercedes-Benz engine repair services that your vehicle could require like camshaft bearing replacement, spark plug replacement, timing belt and drive belt replacement, engine oil and air filter replacement, engine oil flush, and many more. Come to Geneva Foreign & Sports at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 14456 for additional information. You can also call us at 855-694-6184 if you want to make an inquiry.