BMW Ignition Coil Repair

Your car not starting is an inconvenience no matter what you drive but when you consider the reputation of BMW and the amount of service and maintenance work that goes into keeping performance intact it can be even more frustrating. Whether stuck in your driveway or out in a parking spot at the store or the office a car that won’t start can be caused by multiple things but one of the most common is ignition coil failure. The ignition coil acts as an induction coil in your ignition system that converts battery energy and ignites the air-fuel mixture in your engine. While these are typically durable parts made to last tens of thousands of miles there are still instances where something may be damaged or fail prematurely. Whether you’re dealing with early issues or it’s time to have it replaced make sure you know the best ways to protecting your BMW from larger problems.

Common Causes of Ignition Coil Failure

Starting Problems

When your ignition coil fails it leads to at least 1 but usually more spark plugs not receiving the right charge. This will often mean that your car is either having trouble starting or isn’t starting at all. It’s easier to determine an issue with the ignition coil if you’re having issues starting your car in colder weather. Fortunately it’s easy to have your mechanic check the spark plugs to determine if they’re getting any spark at all which will make it easier to determine the larger problem.

Poor Fuel Economy

Couldn’t you swear you just got gas the other day? If it seems like you’re frequenting the gas station more and more then it may be another sign that something is wrong with the ignition coil in your BMW. When your ignition coil is diminished then the spark plugs are receiving less power and that means the vehicle has to work harder and struggles to reach the levels which results in more fuel being burned to compensate for that lack of power.

Vehicle Stalling

If your car is dealing with ignition coil failure then you may also have to deal with your BMW stalling suddenly. This is caused by irregular sparks emitting from the spark plugs and can happen anywhere. If you come to a stop in your car while this is occurring then it will likely lead to your car dying and needing to be restarted.

How to Care for Your Ignition Coil

Replace Spark Plugs at the Same Time

Since the spark plugs are so closely tied to the ignition coil it’s a good idea to change everything at once when it is time for service. Changing everything at once will make sure that your car is kept in perfect condition and won’t experience spark plug failure just a few months after replacing the ignition coil.

Follow Your Service Schedule

Following your manufacturers’ recommended maintenance program will go a long way towards preserving optimum performance for your BMW. These routine service appointments are designed to check every inch of your car and to diagnose even slight issues before they become more significant. While after market parts and materials can usually be more affordable when it comes time to replace most drivers tend to stick with factory parts to further ensure quality and performance stays the same.

Visit the Experts Today

BMW Car on Sunset For drivers in and around Geneva, NY and the surrounding areas the expert technicians at Geneva Foreign & Sports have helped maintain and repair BMWs and other European brands for decades. Specializing in European auto service and repair our mechanics are certified, knowledgeable and experienced in taking proper care of your BMW according to the service schedule. Whether you’re having an issue with your car not starting or you would like to schedule preventative services to check your BMW’s ignition coil, spark plugs or other part of the ignition system then please call or visit the experts at Geneva Foreign & Sports today. We’ll make sure to keep your BMW 100% original and running to the high standard you expect.

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