Sleek styling and sophisticated handling. Whisper quiet speed and luxurious comfort. Exceptional engineering, design excellence and performance that measured up to everything you ever dreamed about in a high quality automobile. All of these statements are likely among the endless reasons you invested in a German vehicle. When you own a vehicle of such a superb caliber, it is essential to have it cared for by professionals with the expertise to maintain that exceptional value. German cars are renowned for their top of the line status among the best vehicles in the world. You owe it to your dream car to rely on our masterful team at Geneva Foreign & Sports for your German Auto Service in Rochester.

Scheduled German Auto Maintenance


Nothing is more important for your German car than keeping to a consistent regular maintenance schedule. Depending on your make and model, there are essential matters to take care of every 3000-5000 miles including oil and filter changes, checking the levels of all fluids and this is also a good time to have diagnostic tests performed to ensure that everything is in excellent running order.

Our state-of-the-art equipment will help our certified expert technicians pinpoint any concern that needs to be addressed. Our knowledgeable professionals will communicate with you clearly so you know exactly what kind of German Auto Service in Rochester your vehicle requires. When your BMW, Benz, Audi, Porsche or VW reaches 15,000k mile increments, it is time to have more complex components checked out like your transmission, brakes and belts. It is also a good idea to check into alignments and tire rotation on a consistent basis.

Quality German Auto Services in Rochester


If you pay close attention to your German vehicle, it will help signal when there is an issue beyond your regular maintenance needs. Being aware of dashboard alert lights and keeping your ear tuned toward any sounds that are out of the ordinary can signal that it’s time to have your car inspected in case it requires German Auto Service in Rochester. We offer full service quality repairs at exceptional value to protect your precious investment. Schedule an appointment on our website or give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

At Geneva Foreign & Sports, we specialize in German vehicles and will treat your car like our own. Trust us for your German Auto Service in Rochester. You can give us a call at 855-694-6184 if you have any questions. You’ll find us located at 2787 Lyons Road in Geneva, New York.