Gas mileage is important to all of us. Whether you drive a large truck, or a gas-mileage two door hybrid coupe, we all want to cut back on our trips to the gas station. Since we’re fortunate enough to live in a time of endless research and information at our fingertips, we’ve collected the best ways to improve mpg.

Tire Pressure

Making sure your tires are full can help your vehicle in several ways. One being the gas savings.

New Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs help our engines run efficiently. It seems pretty obvious that by keeping your engine health up to par is going to result in at least a little bit of gas savings. A healthy engine is a happy one. And a happy engine is much easier on the wallet.

Drive with Less Aggression

I’ll admit that even I could improve on this one…but something tells me I don’t stand alone on that. Accelerating slowly, braking easily, and keeping a more constant flow throughout the drive can save big on gas.

Use Cruise Control

This one matches up a little bit with the Aggression point, but differs a little bit. While we don’t recommend using cruise control in city, we strongly recommend the use of it on highways and interstates. Keeping a consistent speed can add to some gas savings quickly.

A/C Off

I’m sure many of you have already heard that keeping your air conditioning off can save you on gas. Well it’s no myth. Having your A/C off can help your engine run more efficiently and save you money.

Oil Changes

These can really work miracles for your car. Oil changes are such a simple little way to improve your vehicle’s health. By making sure the filter is clean and the oil is fresh, you’ll have a satisfied engine and a happier bank account.

These are all just easy tips that anyone can control for better gas mileage. Sometimes the trick to improved fuel economy isn’t a big change, or an expensive one.

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