At some point we all step into the intimidating and uncertain waters of credit history. The burden of interest rates, debts, and other financial options comes for us all eventually. But at Geneva Foreign & Sports, there’s a silver lining for first time buyer auto loan applicants. Buying a car is an exciting step toward added freedom and responsibility. We believe that first time buyers should keep their freedom by having the best rates and loans possible.

First Time Buyer Auto Loans

Unfortunately, many financing companies don’t offer fair rates to buyers with no previous history. As a first time buyer, you’ll likely see more money going out the window in interest than you’d like, as well as lesser approval amounts. This means your budget can take quite a hit early on.

How We Can Help

But stress no more. Working with first time buyer auto loan applicants is something we at Geneva are proud to do. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. When you secure a first time buyer loan with us, we’ll make sure to take care of you. Our sales team works with buyers of all budgets and backgrounds, so we’ll help find a vehicle that fits your lifestyle as well as your budget.

We’re located off Lyons Road in Geneva, NY. We look forward to meeting you and helping you through the car buying process for the first time.

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