Warranty at Geneva Foreign & Sports

Although Geneva Foreign & Sports does everything that it can to prevent unexpected failures, things do happen. That is why your vehicle is covered by NYS’ limited warranty. If the odometer reading shown is 36,000 miles or less, coverage will apply for ninety (90) days after delivery or four thousand (4,000) miles, whichever comes first (subject to any remaining portion of the manufacturer’s warranty); or b. If the odometer reading shown is more than 36,000 miles, but less than 80,000 miles, coverage will apply for sixty (60) days after delivery or three thousand (3,000) miles, whichever comes first; or c. If the odometer reading shown is more than 80,000 miles, up to 100,000 miles, coverage will apply for thirty (30) days after the delivery or one thousand (1,000) miles whichever comes first. For a complete list of what is covered please see below.

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Penn Warranty Corporation

Penn Warranty Contract Comparison

Not enough coverage for you? No worries, Geneva Foreign & Sports also offers one of the best extended warranties available at dealer cost to our valued customers. Although they’re not necessarily the cheapest warranty available, they are the best. After years of experience, we’re true believers that when it comes to extended warranties; you get what you pay for! For a list of available coverage’s please see below. Each vehicle has specific pricing and eligibility so please feel free to contact us for exact pricing and duration.

Item / Part Elite Gold Standard Basic

• Cylinder block, heads and internal parts (worn or defective)
• Intake and exhaust manifolds
• Oil pan
• Timing drive components
• Valve covers
• Flywheel / flex plate

Seals & Gaskets

• Cylinder head gaskets*
• Intake manifold gaskets*
* Coolant leaks only
• Gaskets covered **

** With authorized repair


• Case and internal parts (worn or defective)
• Torque convertor and housing
• Internal switches / solenoids / sensors


• Case and Internal parts (worn or defective)
• Drive shaft and universal joints
• Front axle joints on AWD and 4WD

Transfer Case

• Case and internal parts (worn or defective)

Brakes inc. ABS components

• Except linings, pads, rotors and drums


• Steering gear
• Rack and pinion
• Power steering cooler and lines


• Springs / control arms / ball joints


• Alternator / voltage regulator
• Starter (incl. drive)
• Wiper motor – front


• Water pump
• Fan & clutch
• Electric radiator fan motor


• Front axle joints on FWD


• Power door lock actuators
• Power seat motors
• Power window motors

Unlimited Mileage
Air Conditioning

• Compressor
• Evaporator
• Condenser

• Clutch, clutch coil and clutch bearing

Emergency Road Service

• Up to $75 (Elite) OR $50 (Gold & Platinum)
• Towing
• Battery Jump
• Flat Tire Change
• Fuel and Fluid Delivery
• Lockout Service

Air Conditioning

• AC control modules


• Oxygen (O2) and manifold absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor
• Crank and cam sensors
• Power train and engine control modules


• CV joint boots
• Wheel bearings
• Axle shaft and bearings


• Power steering pump


• Wheel bearings
• Air suspension bags, sensors and pump


• Cruise control computer and actuator
• Wiper motor – rear, and window regulators
• Power trunk actuator / motor
• Power antenna, sunroof, sliding door and mirror motors


• Radiator


• Fuel delivery (pump, injectors, rails, pressure regulator)
• Fluids
• Diagnostics

***Warranty is Renewable and Transferable***

New York State Warranty - Limited

Systems Parts Covered Parts Not Covered
A. ENGINE Block, cylinder head, engine & all internal parts, flywheel (cars with auto trans only) fuel pump, manifolds, radiator, rotary engine housing, water pump, all lubricated parts. Air cleaner, air pump pulley belt, catalytic converter, coolant, distributor assy, engine mounts, exhaust systems, fuel, air & oil filters, fuel lines, fuel vapor canister, ignition coil, pcv valve, radiator hoses & thermostat, fan belt, turbo, spark plugs, tune up, vacuum hoses.
B. TRANSMISSION The transmission case and all internal parts including torque converter. Friction clutch, flywheel & pressure plate (manual transmission), transmission linkage, transmission mounts, vacuum modulator valve.
C. DRIVE AXLE Axle shafts, Front and/or rear drive axle, housing incl. All internal parts, propeller shaft, universal joints. Bearing retainer gasket, oil seal, shock absorbers, struts, springs, suspension linkage, tie rods & stabilizers, wheel bearings & retainer.
D. BRAKES Disc brake caliper, hydraulic lines & fittings, master cylinder, vacuum assist booster, wheel cylinders. Backing plates, shoes, pads, rotors, emergency brake, hubs, drums, linkage, cables, return springs, self adjusting mechanism.
E. ELECTRICAL Generator or alternator, ignition system, starter motor, voltage regulator, windshield wiper motor. Battery, clock & switches, fuses, bulbs, lamps, heater motor, instruments, horn, horn relay, power door locks, seat motor, window motors, radio, stereo, wire harness.
F. STEERING Power steering pump, valve body, rack & pinion, steering gear housing and all internal parts. Power steering pump hoses, steering column, steering linkage, steering shaft, steering wheel.