A Driver’s Biggest Maintenance Fear

Nothing spoils a trip out faster than noticing that the check engine light is staying on the entire time. Indicative of dozens of potential issues, drivers often expect the worst including a potentially totaled car and expensive repair and service bills when they see it on their dashboard. It’s important to take your vehicle to a shop with the right equipment on hand to diagnose the issue correctly the first time so you’re not stuck constantly trying to find the problem. At Geneva Foreign & Sports we offer drivers throughout the Geneva, NY area with a quality alternative to the dealerships.

Brands We Service

Finding the Cause

At Geneva Foreign & Sport our mechanics utilize the latest factory diagnostic tools and equipment to determine why your check engine light is on. From there we offer in-house services to repair the issue as quickly as possible. We take care of all possible issues including:

  • Damaged gas cap
  • Failing O2 sensor
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Battery issues

We provide same-day services whenever possible so that you spend less time waiting on your car to be ready and can get back out on the road faster than when you visit other shops.

Geneva’s Number One European Shop

If your check engine light is on schedule an appointment with one of our expert mechanics today. There’s no reason to risk further damaging your valued European car so if you’re in the Geneva area please call today to setup a service appointment as soon as possible.