Whether you use it all year-round or not you need to follow up on routine services for your car’s air conditioning system. In the summer months nothing is worse than turning on your A/C hoping to escape the heat and being greeted with no airflow at all or worse, hot air that doesn’t seem to cool down. Instead, prevent these and other serious issues to your A/C system by visiting the Geneva area’s number one European service center: Geneva Foreign & Sports.

Brands We Service

European vehicles are known for having higher labor lawyer service and repair standards and at our state of the art facility we have the latest tools and equipment on hand to make sure we get the job done right. We currently service the area’s most popular European brands:

Signs Something is Wrong

If your air conditioner is demonstrating one of these or another unusual issue then it’s important to schedule an appointment as soon as possible:

  • Unusual smells when A/C is on
  • Water coming from system
  • No airflow at all when A/C is on
  • Hot air
  • Visible leaks under vehicle
  • Unusual sounds

Schedule Service Today

If you’re in the Geneva, NY area and you’re in need of service for your European car visit the experts at Geneva Foreign & Sports today. We’re the area’s number one independent service center and will help you get the air conditioning repair or additional services your car needs to continue performing at a high level.