The results are in, and the popularity of the crossover is unmatched in the American Markets.crossover But let’s be honest, most Americans couldn’t make out the difference between a crossover and a SUV. Although, if you ask me, that seems to be the point…but, I digress. Making the top of the lists isn’t easy in the Auto Industry, so there must be something to the crossover category’s, seemingly, universal acclaim. So in hopes of making your lives easier, we’re taking you through the in’s and out’s of the crossover lifestyle. You’re welcome in advance.

Crossover Greatness for All

As of late, the automotive industry has been banking pretty hard on the successes of their respective crossover sales. Recently a Volkswagen rep mentioned their trend in “pinning their hopes on crossovers”, which is clear in the release of the Atlas. The same article from Automotive News referenced notations from BMW, Acura, and Chevrolet that indicated they feel similarly. The fact is: sedans and SUV’s are out, crossovers are in.

So now the good stuff, what exactly is a crossover? The basic explanation, as you would imagine, is that it’s somewhere in between a car and a sport utility. The technical definition involves a unibody construction, similar to a sedan, and independent rear suspension. The high clearance and center of gravity often combine with All-Wheel Drive capabilities on the SUV side of things.

Okay, so the boring stuff is over. Honestly, we don’t think the general American buyer care if sales of sedans are down, or that unibody chassis make up the engineering. What matters most to Americans is…….convenience! Surprise, surprise. The combination of the car and SUV layout results in optimally advantageous for many car purchasers. Added seating room, larger cargo spacing, and increased size on the road makes the crossover ideal for small families who don’t want to sacrifice on fuel economy. For those not quite committed to the truck or larger SUV lifestyle, it’s a perfect stepping stone in the hierarchy. And with so many new designs hitting the markets from almost all manufacturers, there are options for every style and taste.

Note: Crossovers are flying off the lots with the recent boost in popularity, so we recommend you don’t deliberate too long. By the time you finish reading this, hopefully you’ll be convinced.

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