It is never easy to get an auto loan with bad credit. This is because most established financial institutions prefer to offer auto loans to people with good credit. However, there is yet hope for you if you have bad credit. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports are offering credit amnesty auto loans in Rochester. 

Benefits of Credit Amnesty Auto Loans

One advantage that our credit amnesty auto loans in Rochester offer is the opportunity to reestablish your credit. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports report every auto loan that we approve to the national credit bureaus. Therefore, when you take on one of these auto loans, these bureaus will start to track your monthly installment payment progress, and they will record it in your credit record. 

Every timely monthly payment that you will make will add a few points to your credit score, so if you will manage to repay the monthly installments consistently and on time all the way through, your credit status will be sure to change to ‘good credit’. At that point, you will not have any problem getting a big loan from any bank or financial institution.

We will never deny you the opportunity to acquire an auto loan because of prior credit problems. Our credit amnesty auto loans are quite affordable; they come with discounted interest rates, lengthy payment periods, and low down payments. Therefore, the down payments and the monthly installment amounts will not strain you.

Get Credit Amnesty with Auto Loans in Rochester


Our credit amnesty auto loans in Rochester will give you access to one of the biggest collections of vehicles in Rochester. We at Geneva Foreign & Sports have been in operation for several years, and in that time, we have been able to increase our stock to a significant number. We have vehicles from well over 20 vehicle manufacturers at our dealership, in different brands and models. 

You should also know that we source our vehicles from reputable sources that provide detailed service histories. Therefore, we are confident in the quality of our used vehicles. In addition, our certified auto mechanics always inspect and test the used vehicles that we get to ensure that our customers get the best quality vehicles. Therefore, our vehicles will never disappoint you.  

When you acquire a vehicle through our auto loans, you will enjoy discounted service rates at our service center for as long you will own that vehicle. Therefore, take advantage of our credit amnesty auto loans today. Come to Geneva Foreign & Sports at 2787 Lyons Road, Geneva, NY 14456.