The seasons are changing. With the time change comes the colder weather and shorter days. And as much as we wish the nerds would stop chanting their “winter is coming” mantra, we have to admit they’re right. So whether you’re a proud nerd, or you have no idea what the former quote means, car winterization is a necessity. Because despite how much we want the roads to stay clear, it’s inevitable that they’ll soon fill with the mess of snow and ice that comes with this time of year.

Car Winterization Know-How

One of the biggest things to ensure a safer and more efficient experience in snow begins with tire care. Winter tires allow better traction and more control while driving. The temperature changes can affect the rubber of normal tires and cause damage. With winter tires, the problem is lessened significantly and driving is enhanced for better response on uncertain surfaces.

Fluids are an important part of keeping the internal workings of your car ready for the harsh winter months. Oil should be fresh and full. Engine coolant and wiper fluid should be checked often. Cold weather also means filling up your gas tank more often. Keeping your gas tank above half full is always a smart idea during the winter. Keeping it full reduces the risk of condensation build-up in the gas tank from freezing and causing damage.

Now that we’ve established the main points of car winterization, there are just a couple other things to check. As the days get colder, be sure to check your battery. Making sure your battery’s life is going to make it through the winter is crucial to keep you from getting stranded. It’s a good idea to keep some jumper cables handy as well. Furthermore, making sure the tire pressure is where it should be is essential to safety and efficiency as well.

Winter Safety Kit

The winter safety kit needs to find a home in your car for the upcoming months. There’s little worse than finding yourself stuck or in trouble without backup. What you choose to put inside the kit is up to you, but here are a few must-haves for everyone’s kit:

  • Blanket
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Matches
  • Flashlight
  • Hand Warmers
  • Radio

There you go. The ultimate guide to surviving the winter driving treks. So the next time you hear someone quoting the modern flagship HBO series of nerds worldwide, rest easy knowing that winter may be coming, but it won’t be catching you unprepared.

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