We all know the feeling after a long day of moving around in an car-tiresuncomfortable, or badly worn, pair of shoes. Back, knee, and joint pain can cause some serious problems for our bodies. Car tires are much the same…shoes, but for your vehicle. Worn down, damaged, or deflated tires can cause problems to joints and the overall function of your vehicle. Looking into tire replacement every so often is a smart and necessary step of car ownership.

How did my car tires get damaged?

Our tires go through various elements on a daily basis. Snow, ice, rain, gravel, rocks, construction zones…you name it. Changes in weather conditions can cause the tires to expand or diffuse, meaning they can become more vulnerable to some of these problematic situations they encounter. Of course, driving styles can have an affect on the integrity of tires as well. Hard turns and aggressive braking and starting can take their toll on your tires quickly.

How does tire wear affect my car?

As stated before, our tires are the base (shoes) of the vehicle, and it all starts at the base. With damaged tires, your vehicle’s alignment, braking, suspension, and various other parts are at risk. Safety concerns are definitely something to consider when it comes to badly worn tires. So don’t wait to get your tires fixed.

How can I tell if my car tires are damaged?

There are several signs of tire damage that you can look for. You can measure the tread depth with a penny (placing Abe Lincoln upside down and checking to make sure his head is at least partially covered). Tire inflation is important as well. Making sure the tire is not bulging out or cupping in is important to take note of. Shimmying, swaying, or other problems while driving are worth looking in to for tire repair.

Tires are a huge part of the overall function of your car. Making sure that they are rotated, inflated, and not worn will help your car stay healthier. A safer and more efficient car can make a world of difference. If you need assistance or have questions, contact us and we’d be more than happy to help you out.

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