Car detailing can make a world of difference for you vehicle. Not only does it result in a beautifully restored exterior look, but the car itself functions as a much happier and healthier machine. Most folks when they think of detailing picture a wash and wax as the main benefit, but in reality, it’s so much more than that.

The Basics of Car Detailing

Car detailing involves the process of restoring a vehicle to its full potential both inside and out. While most of the detailing results in added positive vanity, the benefits add up in the long run. So, what exactly comes involved in a decent car detailing service?

Let’s start with the exterior. Naturally, the car is washed and any dirt or unwanted materials are removed. The clear coating often houses excess junk, so if possible, it’s removed. A wax and polish top it off for added shine and removal of any swirling in the coatings. Headlights and taillamps are often muddied and foggy. Detailing them brings a clear light back to the front and back and ensures optimal illumination. As for the chassis and wheels, these are cleaned and properly cared for to ensure they are working properly and efficiently.

The interior of the car is where you spend your time, so naturally, you’ll be wanting it in pristine condition. Carpets throughout the car are shampooed and conditioned to remove stains and scents that may have been left behind. Any leathers are taken care of to make sure they are sealed and healthy. Overall, the interior is cleaned and properly groomed.

Car detailing can help to make sure your vehicle is functioning to its full potential, as well as looking as good as possible. Because as they say, a clean car is a happy car.