When you think of the list of things that make your car safe, you probably have brakes pretty high on the list. Brakes are one of the most utilized and important parts of the vehicle and it’s performance. We depend on them as a basis for safety in almost any driving situation. When it comes to brake repair, it’s crucial to make sure that things in the braking system are on point and working correctly.

How it works

Brakes consist of many components. Rotors, brake pads, fluids, and fluids are just a few of the pieces that make up the braking system. Each will encounter various forms of wear and tear over the years. Brakes function in a way that we often utilize them out of habit, without even thinking of it. Keeping a safe distance between cars or stopping for red lights are so commonplace that it hardly occurs to us when we trigger them. But when those last minute stops and scary encounters arise, we quickly take note of the mechanics of the system. To ensure the continued success of your brakes, we highly recommended that you have them checked at least once a year, as a rule of thumb.

Signs you could benefit from brake repair

  • Less responsive braking or fading
  • Scraping or grinding noise when brakes are applied
  • “Mushy” or spongy pedal
  • Pulling to one side

Any of these signs could indicate that your car is in need of brake repair. Our brakes affect every aspect of driving. Brushing off these warning signs can lead to rotor damage or worse. This, in turn, is a much more costly fix. “Better safe than sorry” is one phrase that we stand firmly behind when it comes to brake repair. If you are unsure, or think you may need advice with your brakes, we’d be more than happy to help.

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