When you are going to have your BMW aligned you may want to consider the repair shop that you are going to take it to. First, you should question the alignment equipment that the are going to perform your alignment with. At Geneva Foreign & Sports we use a Hunter HawkEye Elite. This is the same system that is required by BMW dealerships to use and that is used at the BMW factory. The Hunter system will never touch and scratch your wheels.

We also have the factory weights to balance your BMW during alignment. If you dont have the correct weights then how could you ever align your BMW correctly. We performed a test to see how much of a difference the weights make in the alignment of a BMW and its drastic. While most shops will just skip the wights and set your alignment which will lead to poor handling and premature tire wear, we will take the extra time to perform the alignment correctly.

We also have the ablity to perform alignments on lowered vehicles and set ride height properly for you. If that ride height isnt properly set the whole dynamics of the vechile will be thrown off. By correcting the ride height before alignment your car will also brake much better.

Finally upon a complete alignment we have the ability to reset your steering angle sensor. The heart of the antilock braking system and dynamic stability control is the steering angle sensor. Every calculation is based on steering angle. If you have your alignment done and don’t reset this your DSC and ABS system will not function properly.