BMW Valve Seals Special Tooling

My BMW V8 Smokes Like It’s Burning Oil When Coming to a Stop.

BMW Valve Stem Seals Failure and Correction at Geneva Foreign & Sports


BMW Drivers may notice white smoke coming from their BMW’s tailpipe when they come to a stop after driving. Particularly in City driving when stopping at stop signs or stop lights (short stops with acceleration). This will typically be noticeable after 10-15 minutes of driving and will persists as long as you’re driving the vehicle and it’s up to temperature. Customer’s may notice / complain about excessive engine oil consumption, rough idling, and a check engine light in addition to smoking. The white smoke is actually oil getting past the valve seals and burning in the engine and exhaust.


The cause of the customer’s complaint is most commonly caused Vavle Stems by Valve Stem Seals failing. Valve stem seals are designed to keep oil from entering into the combustion area of the engine. When they begin to fail, oil is making its’ way past and seals and burning in the combustion area. This will lead to fouling of the spark plugs and in turn will cause improper combustion. This is very concerning because improper combustion may lead to misfiring of the spark plugs as well as other engine damaging problems!


Geneva Foreign & Sports is very familiar with problem and correction of the BMW V8 engine valve stem seal failure. Most common models repaired are the 545, 550, 645, 650, 755, 750, and X5. At Geneva Foreign & Sports, our technicians have the specific BMW training and specialty tools needed to do these repairs in a more cost effective manner. Because of the special tooling and training offered by our BMW Specialists, we’re able to offer a considerable savings vs going to the BMW Dealer for repairs. Typically this repair can cost up to $8,000 at the Dealership. You can expect to save $1,000’s by having your repairs done by our trained technicians at Geneva Foreign & Sports.

Warranty and Outside Repairs:

Geneva Foreign & Sports offers a 12 month warranty on all repairs. We also offer this repair to other dealers and out of area customers. The turn-around time is roughly one week and all parts are in-stock. Questions: Contact our Service Department at 315-781-2400 or email

Geneva Foreign & Sports is a Family owned and operated Independent Dealer in Upstate NY since 1972. We’re centrally located between Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca, and Corning and sit at the tip of Seneca Lake in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region. We service customers from all over New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada and offer courtesy vehicles free of charge. Our employees are continually schooled in the most advanced BMW specific training and we implement factory computers for diagnosing and programming.

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