At Geneva Foreign & Sports we use only the finest Mobil1 synthetic european blend motor oil. When you are having your oil changed by us we perform all of the other services listed in the Inspection 1 in your BMW owners manual.

We also include a complimentary tire rotation with our oil changes. By rotating your tires you will be extending their life by up to 50%.


So what does the technician do to your BMW:

  • We will change the oil and oil filter
  • Verify that the engine is running at the correct temperature
  • Check the power steering system, rear axle, and transmission for leaks; your fuel connections, lines, and tanks will be visually checked or leaks
  • Check the exhaust system for leaks, proper positioning and mounting, and overall condition
  • Check front control arm and bushing for wear
  • Check steering system for absence of play and overall condition
  • Clean the brake pad contact points, check the brake disc surfaces, and examine the thickness of your brake pads
  • Examine brake lines and clutch system connectors for leaks, damage, and proper positioning
  • Check positioning and movement of parking brake cables


Tires and wheels:

  • Check all tires and re-calibrate your tire pressure sensors
  • Look at your tires for wear and even tread, realigning or correcting if necessary


Under the hood:

  • Use a scanner to read your diagnostic system
  • Check your antifreeze, coolant, brake, clutch, and windshield washer fluid levels and correct as necessary
  • Examine your engine cooling system/heater hose connections for leaks
  • Verify that your air conditioner is working properly
  • Perform a battery load test and check the electrolyte levels of your battery
  • Reset service indicator


For the body and interior of your Bimmer, your technician will:

  • Check all interior and exterior lighting for functionality
  • Check your indicator lights, instrument panel, and dashboard for illumination and control
  • Check your washer and wiper system for functionality
  • Verify operation of all doors and closures as well as grease hood, trunk/tailgate and door latches
  • Check safety belts for functionality and visually check air bag units for obvious damages or torn covers
  • Check heating and air blowers and defoggers for functionality
  • Verify that mirrors are in working order

The Final Test

To double check all of the check points of BMW Inspection 1 and to verify proper working order of your BMW, your technician will take your vehicle on a short road test.

We also scan your entire vehicle, read and record your diagnostic trouble codes and reset your conditioned based service indicator.

A lot more service than you would get at a Monroe Muffler or Midas. Now you can see and understand the complexity of a proper service for your BMW.