Finding a reliable repair shop with certified professional technicians you can trust and count on can take time and effort as well as trial and error. It’s no secret that there are unscrupulous happenings that occur in the realm of automotive mechanics and we understand your reluctance to trust someone to take care of the beloved vehicle you depend on to get you where you need to go. No one wants to pay more than what is necessary to keep their car in great running condition or pay for unnecessary repairs. At Geneva Foreign & Sports, we pride ourselves on being a trusted and respected Auto Repair Shop in Rochester. We will go the extra mile to earn your business and hope you will bring your car to us for years to come.

Quality Auto Repair Shop Expertise

It can be intimidating to seek repair work for that strange noise or those spots underneath your car you’ve noticed that suggest a leak of some essential fluid, particularly if you are not very familiar with the world of automotive repair. We assure you our Auto Repair Shop in Rochester team will carefully inspect your vehicle and explain any issues we find with clear and concise communication so you understand the issue and know what is necessary in order to proceed with any maintenance your car, truck or SUV requires to return to the dependable daily driver you rely on.

If you keep up with the regularly scheduled service that is recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle, it can keep the damages from daily wear and tear to a minimum and save you a great deal of money by avoiding more costly repairs.

Our Repair Shop Services in Rochester


Preventative care for your car works much like the preventative care for your health and wellbeing. Periodic maintenance like brake pad replacement, battery servicing, new belts, filters and tire rotation can prolong the life of other parts of your car that are significantly more expensive to repair or replace. Our friendly team of technicians will ensure your fluid levels are where they need to be and replace parts that will keep your car running in top condition and improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency when you visit our Auto Repair Shop in Rochester. Our unique specialty is European car servicing including Porsche, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi and BMW.

Taking great care of your vehicle is always important and we can easily help. You’ll find us located at 2787 Lyons Road in Geneva, New York. Feel free to give us a call with your questions at 855-694-6184. We look forward to earning your business.